Your Home,
Your Office,
Your Venue…
Your Choice!

Your Home, Your Office, Your Venue… Your Choice!
Booking your party is really as easy as:
  • Select your Party Date and Time
  • Contact us to select your choice of painting
  • Party/Event can be customised as per your requirements
  • Call/Email us to book your party!
No matter where you choose to hold your paint party . . . at the office, in the park, in the comfort of your own home, or at your favourite restaurant, our goal is for you and your guests to enjoy a relaxing few hours creating your own memorable masterpiece.
Our Fun and Enthusiastic Art Instructors will gently guide the parties step by step, from start to finish.

What we offer

  • We take care of setup and cleanup for you.
  • Art supplies like canvas, colors, brushes, aprons, etc. are ready and waiting when you arrive.
  • You need no prior experience of painting –Our Experienced instructor/s will guide the participants step by step through the painting, based on the ages and skill levels of the group.
  • You just need to be present (We even provide food and drink if you opt for it).
  • We love letting you express your creativity- Kids and adults can change colors, patterns or other details to make the painting their own.
  • Music to match your mood.
  • Everyone goes home with their very own masterpiece to remind them of all the fun they had on that day.

Welcome to” ColorPlay” -a painting event where you Live, Laugh & add Colours to your life!
Colorplay introduces you to your inner artist and helps you create your own masterpiece by bringing in a blend of fun and creativity.One need not have any artistic skills to have fun with painting.

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