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Welcome to” ColorPlay” -a painting event where you Live, Laugh & add Colours to your life!

Colorplay introduces you to your inner artist and helps you create your own masterpiece by bringing in a blend of fun and creativity. One need not have any artistic skills to have fun with painting. At Colorplay, we create a space foryou to explore your creativity and receive encouragement and inspiration from others .

ColorPlay engages in organising paint parties for all age groups, whether kids, youth or middle aged to elders for their birthdays, team building events, kitty parties, wedding parties, spiritual events or for social causes.

About the founders

Passion and determination were driving factors, more importantly, it was a serious love of art, a shared adventurous spirit and a thirst for creativity that drove both to coin the concept of “ColorPlay”.

Tired of working for others and craving a change of scenery, they called it quits on their secure corporate jobs and entered the new world of colours, where art and creativity would be embraced, encouraged and respected. A place for artists, non- artists and art lovers to hang out, socialize, have fun and learn new skills.

Moumita C. Gattani

Being born and brought up in Kolkata- the “Cultural Capital of India”, it seems imperative that one would assume that I have been an artistic person since childhood. No, that is not the case.

Once school was over, I graduated in Commerce and then completed my Masters in Business Management specialising in Finance. Then after fourteen years of corporate life, it was a personal crisis in my life which again made me learn and take up “Art” in the form of painting. Painting has become a way of life for me since then -it helps me focus, and lets me get away from worries, deadlines and stress. I feel liberated, I feel freedom. I feel happy. As a self-taught artist, I believe you can find the benefits in art without attending a fancy art school. Come, let’s have some fun party together at a “Colorplay” event.

Aarti Kothari

Ever since I was a young girl, I can remember my love, passion, and enthusiasm for art. I would spend hours painting, drawing, and colouring. It has always been the one thing that seemed to whisk me away and allow me to get lost in my own imagination and creativity. The ability to teach children and incorporate art into curricular activities has always been a passion of mine. After 10 years of corporate life, I have decided to chase my dream with “Colorplay”. I believe in the philosophy, that people learn best with their peers and their learning increases when they are engaged inactivities that have meaning to them. My goal is to now provide a creative painting platform for anyone and everyone who wants to share in my dream. I am beyond excited to begin this journey with all of you and look forward to creating masterpieces of art together.

What we do

Organise Painting Parties
Wherever You Want !


We are here to offer fun and creative painting parties at your favourite venues.
We can even come to your home.


What We Offer


We are here to offer fun and creative painting parties at your favourite venues. We can even come to your home!

Birthday Parties / Kids Parties


Are you tired of having only musical chairs, chips and pizza for your kids’ birthday party...

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Corporate Parties


Do you feel that your employees seem to have lost some of their energy and motivation...

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Private Parties


Are you tired of visiting malls on weekends, watching movies and want to spend the weekend...

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Spiritual Parties


Art is a spiritual practice just like meditation and prayer. The Colorplaypainting event...

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Social Causes


Helping the society is an integral part of Colorplay. Colorplay intends to uplift the society...

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Our Testimonials

We hired Color Play for our office event few months ago. They organized interactive and creative painting projects for all of us. Our employees liked it the most among all the other activities. We highly recommend their great initiatives at creating some fun moments.


Last year during my daughter’s birthday party, we enjoyed the services of Color Play and all the kids had great fun while painting. It’s very refreshing to get such a fun event organized at home.



What is a painting party?2019-10-18T09:26:17+00:00

paint party (or a “social painting event”) is an opportunity for you to have a social outing with your friends/family/colleagues over mocktails and appetizers while creating a painting from start to finish with an experienced artist to guide you step by step in creating the chosen painting.

What is a sip and paint party?2019-10-18T09:25:47+00:00

A paint and sip party consists of group painting lessons accompanied by wine or other beverages.

Who can attend a Colorplay party?2019-10-18T09:25:22+00:00

People of all age groups, whether kids, youth or middle aged to elders can attend a Colorplay party.No prior painting experience is required.

What type of canvas and paints is used at a Colorplay party?2019-10-18T09:24:56+00:00

We use pre-stretched wooden framed canvas which are ready to hang on the wall and acrylic paints.

What do we provide at the painting party?2019-10-18T09:24:24+00:00

We provide the canvas as per size chosen by you, brushes, acrylic paints, easels and aprons. We also provide a friendly, fun and relaxed environment along with an experienced artist to teach you step by step and even music if you opt for it.

How long do the painting parties last?2019-10-18T09:23:55+00:00

Depending on the painting chosen, a painting party duration may be for 2-3 hours.

Why should you attend a Corlorplay party?2019-10-18T09:23:19+00:00

Creativity in the form of painting can reduce stress, you can socialize with your friends /family/colleagues. You can forget your troubles and have some “Me Time”.At the end of the party you can carry home the masterpiece you created.

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